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Brand Style Guide (Customizable)

Included In This Brand Style Guide:

  • Editable Photoshop brand style guide file
  • Editable InDesign brand style guide file
  • Brand style guide best practices guide

In our increasingly visual world, branding is so important, because branding is what defines your visual identity, which affects how consumers view and think about your brand. 

At first, it might seem like creating a brand identity would take a lot of energy, and dolla dolla bills. But guess what? Putting together your brand style guide doesn’t have to be difficult! That’s where this Customizable Brand Style Guide comes in :)

We created this Brand Style Guide to make communicating your brand's identity to the world seamless. It will ensure that everyone on your team and any contractors (ie: designers, web developers, etc.) know exactly how to carry out and implement your brand vision. This document provides a set of standards on how your business should be visually represented in every aspect of your business, across all forms of communication, whether that’s on a website, in a downloadable PDF, on business cards, or in a video. And to note, we create a brand style guide for every large project we’re working on. It saves us so much time and energy while increasing the recognizability of our brand in the long term. Because in the end, what is a brand if it’s not consistent and uniform?

In your download, you will receive both a Photoshop & InDesign file. Take your pick on what program you want to work in! There’s no benefit to using one over the other; we just offer two options. Just remember, when you’re ready to send the final version out to your team/designer/whoever, export your final file as a PDF.

This brand style guide answers all the questions that anyone would need to know about your brand- logo and alternative logo, tagline, color palette, fonts, brand inspiration, and design elements.