1. Foodtography School ($997 value)
  2. iFoodtography School ($129 value)
  3. Lightroom Basics Mini-Course ($79 value)
  4. 3 Studio Styling Sessions ($177 value)
  5. 40 min Reels & TikTok Training ($79 value)
  6. Product Styling Tutorial ($49 value)
  7. Fully Editable Workbook ($129 value)
  8. SEO for food bloggers training ($79 value)
  9. Ad Monetization training ($79 value)
  10. Essential Presets ($49 value)
  11. Customizable Media Kit ($69 value) 
  12. Influencer Pricing Guide ($79 value)
  13. Photographer Pricing Guide ($79 value)


Foodtography School

($997 value)

Our signature food photography course that has helped over7,000 students take their photos from RAW to rockstar! Get 7 online units with lifetime access and over 11 hours of content.

iFoodtography School 

($117 value)

Our beginner smartphone course that helps you create stunning photos with the phone in your pocket!

Lightroom Basics Mini-Course

($79 value)

Master everything you need to know about Lightroom with this mini course on my step-by-step editing process

3 Studio Styling Sessions

($177 value)

Put the course concepts into action and join me in the studio to see how I style 4 different dishes for a shoot

Reels & TikTok Training

($79 value)

Get clarity on how to incorporate Reels & TikTok into your social strategy, plus learn my process for ideating, shooting, and editing videos

Product Styling Tutorial

($49 value)

Learn how to incorporate brand products in your next photoshoot

Fully Editable Workbook

($129 value)

Keep notes on key concepts with the workbook you can edit from your computer, or print to keep notes the old fashioned way

SEO for food bloggers training

($79 value)

Get your blog posts ranking on Google with this training to help make SEO a sinch

Ad Monetization training

($79 value)

Dive into the world of ad monetization and learn how to earn passive income from your website

Essential Presets

($49 value)

Our favorite Lightroom presets (for desktop and mobile) to make editing your photos, like, so much easier 

Customizable Media Kit

($49 value)

Confidently reach out to brands with this media kit that answers all the questions brands might want to know

Influencer Pricing Guide

($79 value)

Get the low-down on the business side of influencing and price yourself accurately as an influencer

Photographer Pricing Guide

($79 value)

Get the low-down on the business side of photography and price yourself accurately as a photographer

What People Are Saying:

This course was an absolute turning point in my food photography career. I feel more confident pitching myself to clients. I've already realized over 5X return on my course investment.


I used to pitch brands but now they find me! I get so many inquiries that I can now work with brands I love. I'm able to charge 2-3X what I initially charged and have more long term contracts. I'm working as a full-time photographer now! I'm able to focus more on the creative process of recipe development and shooting!


Foodtography School introduced me to what food photography really was. Before, I was just randomly taking pictures of food. I learned composition, styling, and editing. All the fundamentals needed to begin my amazing photography journey.


I’ve just started my business couple a months ago, and taking photos of food it’s not as easy as it looks like. You run out of ideas, you hear a lot of wrong tips, you don’t know which light is best to use, sometimes you think you’re doing the right thing but they just look rubbish. So, I thought of getting a foodtographer to help me, but for a new business that can be quite costly and sometimes not worthy for the amount of photos you get back in the long run. Then, FTS comes along and change everything. Now I can take photos os my products myself and do all the right editing it’s just being A-MA-ZING, I can’t thank Sarah and her team more. Highly recommend them!


Best investment I have made for myself and my business hands down! I've learned so much not only about photography, but also the business side of things and social media. If you're on the fence about purchasing the course, just do it! I wish I would have a lot sooner!


I am almost halfway through the course and I love it. My favourite will most definitely we the styling sessions with Sarah, its pretty hands on and give you a good idea of how to execute everything that you learn. LOVE it!


It was so much more than I expected. Sarah is an amazing teacher, and the course is so well curated, I couldn't be more happy with it! It's SO exciting to feel myself and see my photos improving every single time I'd shoot photos after going through a unit. Sometimes I look at my photos and I can't believe I shot them!


I have taken a few Photography courses and this one FINALLY Clicked! Sarah is awesome! She breaks it down in easy to understand language and has fun doing it! I'm already seeing a difference in my shots! Can't wait for more!


I purchased this class and was worried that it was just going to b e underwhelming and just touch on basic concepts but not go into much depth. Glad I was wrong. The classes are well balanced and the material is so engaging. Learned so much in the areas I really struggled in (composition and styling)


$2,041.00 USD

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